Angular Animate

So animation… It is built into angular, well angular animate that is. And it is pretty easy to use Why animate stuff in the first place? Well it looks nice and its more fun to develop. But remember, less is more.. Installation Fetch bower install angular bower install angular-animate Bootstrap index.html <html> <body ng-app=”app”> <a … More Angular Animate

Meteor – a first attempt

Meteor javascript on client and server automatic updating of pages eliminates need for REST apis latency handling self-contained application bundles Technologies Javascript Node.js MongoDb, replacable (eg mysql etc) Handlebars, replacable ( eg Jade etc ) Packaging own package system, not npm Storage layered mongo on client replicated to mongo on backend Support mac, officially linux, … More Meteor – a first attempt


Aurelia So you want to look at the next generation js mvc framework. What you need to know before starting is that next generation means using Ecmascript 6 or Ecmapscript 2015 as it is now called. Also some features from ES7 can be used. Aurelia was built by one Rob Eisenberg famous for creating the … More Aurelia

Browserify heart angular

Browserify heart angular The problem You probably have a project structure looking something like this. Project structure app.js /infrastructure /login /notification /interceptors /features /user /products /projects /… /vendor /resources And more importantly an index.html file looking like this <body> … <script src=”infrasctructure/login/login.js”></script> . . . <script src=”features/login/login.js”></script> . . . // vendor <script src=”bower_components/angular/angular.min.js”></script> . … More Browserify heart angular

Angular directives part II , decorating directives

Attribute Directives So far I have been talking about element directives and the three different modes through which you can pass data. Attribute directives is built on the same principles of course but their application is different. Attribute directives are decorator directives and therefore we will look at situations where ‘elements’ or even other ‘element … More Angular directives part II , decorating directives

Angular directives

Directives First directive Declaration angular.module(‘app’).directive(‘testDir’,function(){ return { restrict : ‘E’, replace : true, transclude : true, template : ‘<h1>test</h1>’ } }) Usage <test-dir></test-dir> Casing matters: testDir becomes test-dir in view Restrict What can it be applied to: Comments Elements, E Attributes, A CSS Replace Determines wether the custom element is being replaced with view content … More Angular directives

It’s alive

I’m starting up this blog to share what I learnt during my coding career. I have been coding since the beginning of the millenium and have picked up a few things during the way and I am alway happy to learn more frameworks, better techniques and new applications for my coding. Mainly I’ve been dealing … More It’s alive